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Oprah Winfrey interviewed Michelle Obama for her own magazine, O. Michelle Obama answered questions on Barack, Sasha, health exercise and baby rumors. Here are some things she said.

On Sasha Playing Basketball

“Barack’s losing his mind,”

“I was like, ‘Settle down – don’t act too excited, or she will not want to do it,'”

On her mother, Marian Robinson the first mother-in-law

“There are many times when she drops off the kids, we hang out and talk and catch up, and then she’s like, ‘I’m going home.’ And she walks upstairs,”

On Being Frugal

“Oh, that’s good,We’re cheap, for sure. And I bet she said so!”

On Health

“When we first started running, my big concern was making sure we ate well on the road. So we started looking at our diet, trying to eliminate junk, getting seasonal fruits and vegetables that were grown locally. We walked the kids through reading labels. We talked about why one juice might be better than another.”


“Well, I just started thinking, if I had to get up to go to work, I’d get up and go to work. If I had to get up to take care of my kids, I’d get up to do that. But when it comes to yourself, then it’s suddenly, “Oh, I can’t get up at 4:30.” So I had to change that. If I don’t exercise, I won’t feel good. I’ll get depressed. Of course, it’s easier to do it here, because I have much more support now. But I always think about women who don’t have support. That’s why work-family balance isn’t just a policy conversation; it’s about changing the expectations of who we have to be as women and parents.”

Pregnancy Rumors

“I was like, ‘Baby bump’? As hard as I work on my abs?”

“Here’s the scoop: Not pregnant. And not planning on it”