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While the full details of the recent debt ceiling deal signed by President Obama have yet to be released to the public, many pundits and political experts are claiming that the hardest hit groups will be the poor and minorities.

Since the deal was signed, President Obama has been criticized by the Congressional Black Caucus and Rev. Jesse Jackson amongst others, for the concessions many believe he made in these talks that could cut the amount of funding many programs important to poor communities receive. There were reports that Social Security and Medicare were going to experience funding cuts, but that has yet to be confirmed.

CBC Chair Emanuel Cleaver called the debt deal a “satan sandwich,” while Jackson said Obama wasn’t “tough” enough during the talks.

In a NewsOne/BlackPlanet poll conducted yesterday, Black America was nearly split when asked if they thought President Obama gave up too much to Republicans in the debt ceiling talks.


51 percent said NO

46 percent said YES

The poll shows that many African Americans believe that Obama had no choice but to play the Republicans game, while the other half may believe that Obama has a history of conceding when it comes to deal-making situations with Republicans. They also may believe what many others think — that the president is either weak or just not tough enough; and too concerned with compromise.

In other polls conducted by major news organizations, NBC and the Wall Street Journal found that 58 percent of Americans preferred President Obama’s approach to the debt ceiling plan than the 36 percent who preferred the Republicans approach.

What do you think of his handling of this debate?


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