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A low-budget, yet popular web-series titled “The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl,” has received huge contributions from thousands of supporters to continue production of the series.

The producer, writer, editor, and leading role of the series is a Stanford grad named Issa Rae, who stars the series as a character named “J”.

She started the series in January, and has seen her fan-base grow to 30,000 viewers. The series received $56,259 in donations towards future production through

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When asked why she thought her series was important to make, she said, “I have an issue with watching TV and not seeing a person I can relate to, a person in a lead role that looks like me.” In a world where we rarely see young African-American lead characters in comedic roles that aren’t stereotypical, ‘Awkward Black Girl’ can feel like a breath of fresh air for audiences.

It chronicles the everyday activities of the main character ‘J’, and the social situations that her awkwardness often exacerbates. So far there have been seven episodes, and they’ve covered awkward situations such as interracial dating, making weird eye contact when walking down a hallway, and the horrors of participating in ice-breaking exercises at work.



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