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DECORAH, Iowa-President Barack Obama had a heated exchange with a Tea Party supporter while on a Midwestern tour promoting rural economic policies.

The Tea Party activist took offense to Vice President Joe Biden’s statement that Republicans were holding the economy hostage, which many Republicans have misquoted as him calling Tea Party Republicans, terrorists.

The Huffington Post reports:

“He said we were acting like terrorists,” Iowa Tea Party activist Ryan Rhodes said, confronting the president after the Decorah town hall as Obama worked a rope line of audience members. “What we stand for is limited government and a balanced budget,” Rhodes continued.

Obama countered that Biden was making the point that almost failing to raise the debt ceiling was irresponsible.

“He wasn’t objecting to the balanced budget amendment, he was objecting to us almost defaulting,” Obama said. As Rhodes persisted, and Obama continued to shake hands, the president added, “It doesn’t sound like you are interested in listening.”

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