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ATLANTA- New billboards in Atlanta by an anti-abortion group, Abortion In The Hood attack Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus for betraying the Black community on the issue of abortion.

The website and campaign, funded by the Restoration Project criticize Jackson for changing his position on abortion after being against it in the 1970s. reports:

According to the Restoration Project, the organization behind the campaign and the billboard, African-American leaders have duped Blacks by their failure to take a stand against abortion in the African-American community.

“Something is wrong when those elected to protect the interests of their constituents turn a blind eye to the horrific impact that abortion is wreaking on the Black community,” said Catherine Davis of the Restoration Project. “In New York City, for every 1,000 Black babies born alive, 1,489 are aborted. In Washington, D.C., for every 100 Black babies born alive, 165 are aborted! Something is wrong!”



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