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NEW YORK-Charles Rangel, a democratic congressman from New York City had a harsh verbal exchange with Fox News host Laura Ingraham over her conversation with Republican congressman Allen West, in which she referred to the Democratic Party as “the plantation.”

Rangel became angry at Ingraham and referred to her as “just a pretty girl” which has led to allegations of sexism.

The Huffington Post reports:

“I’m trying to figure out what words we can use and what words we can’t use,” she said. “What do you mean can’t?” Rangel shot back. “You’re confused whether or not you can use ‘plantation’ to a black Republican?”

From there, Ingraham and Rangel kept talking past each other. She fired question after question at him–about the War on Poverty, about liberalism, about President Obama–and he kept objecting to each question as it was asked.

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