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Bill O’Reilly is a funny guy. He continued his attack on Hip Hop and support of the Republican party by criticizing Eminem for saying he would have sex with Sarah Palin in his latest song, You Made Me. Interestingly enough, O’Reilly had Tammy Bruce on his show to attack Eminem. Tammy Bruce recently came under fire for calling the Obamas “Trash in the White House.

Watch Bill O’Reilly Criticize Eminem

While I’m not defending Eminem, O’Reilly is obviously just using Eminem to stir up controversy which will help O’Reilly’s ratings and Eminem’s album sales. Still for O’Reilly to criticize someone for explicit material after his erotic novel and sexual harassment suit is funny to me. Eminem is a comedian. He made fun of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and always makes fun of people in pop culture in his videos.

The Republicans thrust Sarah Palin in to the national spotlight and people like Rush Limbaugh promoted her as “the babe.” Now O’Reilly’s mad that the “liberal” media isn’t crucifying Eminem for saying he’d have sex with Sarah Palin after the GOP attempted to capitalize off Sarah Palin’s sex appeal. Eminem has said a lot more offensive things than his Palin comment and O’Reilly is using the opportunity just to bash the media that doesn’t agree with him.

Its different for a comedic rapper to diss a politician than a commenter like O’Reilly or Limbaugh to do it. O’Reilly and Limbaugh are supposed to be journalists and both have strong political ties to the Republican party and should be held account for their statement. Eminem has no connection to Obama, the “liberal” media or the Democratic party By even binging up Eminem, Bill O’Reilly has shown what a trivial, unnecessary blowhard he is. He should battle Eminem and remove himself from any political discourse.

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