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A new report issued by Harvard University’s Program on Education Policy and Governance claims that American students, specifically African Americans and Latinos are not being adequately prepared to compete in the global market due to poor reading and math skills.

According to the reports, only 11% of African Americans and 15% of Hispanics are proficient in math and only 13% of African Americans and 4% of Hispanics are proficient in reading. For the country as a whole, only 32% are proficient in math and only 31% of proficient in reading.

BET reports:

“Given the disparate performance among students from various cultural backgrounds, it may be worth inquiring as to whether differences between the United States and other countries are attributable to the substantial minority population within the U.S.,” the study says.

The study shows that investing in our children’s future could not only help to make them smarter, but could possibly make the country more money as well. Hopefully, studies like these will help to make education a top priority again for everyone.

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