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District of Columbia residents watched the sun shine brightly on the façade of the new 30-foot Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at “D.C. Day,” a chance for people in the District to view of the statute of King and the wall bearing some of his penetrating words.

The statue, conveying an indelible image of King’s face, projects an unwavering dignity and power. It stands in seeming contrast to the feelings of many in the District who are pushing for the city’s full representation in Congress, along with increased employment opportunities for its residents.

“I think it gives us another catalyst, another stimulus to try to work to compel our own rights,” D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray told Politic365. Gray will be marching alongside other advocates for statehood in Saturday’s D.C. Full Democracy Freedom Rally and March, which almost marks the 48th anniversary of King’s March on Washington. King was reportedly a supporter of statehood for the District.

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