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Case Départ has been the #1 comedy in France, grossing an estimated $15 million. The plot surrounds two half brothers, who get transported back to slavery and the laughs ensue. The success of the film now has Hollywood calling. Loop 21 spoke with the films star/co-writer Thomas Ngijol about the films success and future plans.

Loop 21: Your film opened July 6th and is an overseas box office hit but the only focus, at least in America, has been the fact it is a comedy based on a plantation. Do you feel the need to defend the film?

Thomas Ngijol: When we took the film to the Cannes Film Festival this year we didn’t explain the movie. We showed the trailer and released the synopsis and that was it. You can’t explain it. Some things you have to see for yourself. At Cannes people loved the trailer. It’s not about slavery. It’s about two half brothers, who are very bad people in the present but go on a quest to learn their history.

“Case Départ” isn’t available in the states yet. Are there plans to bring it here?

It should be here December or January. We worked on the American subtitles months back. We’re also in talks to do an American remake.


Yes. This is the first film like this that’s been made and it’s a success. Hollywood came calling.

Who is going to star in it?

I can’t tell you, but they’re big.

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