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The African-American jobless rate climbed from 15.9 to 16.7, which only strengthens the argument of Black lawmakers that there is a critical need to specifically address this problem. Their white counterparts who saw their unemployment rate decrease to 8.0% in August from 8.1% in July, African Americans saw their unemployment rate increase to 16.7% in August from 15.9% in July.

The unemployment rate for Black males rose a whole percentage point to 18.0 percent and from 39.2 to 46.5 percent for Black youths aged 16-19.

About 155,000 blacks got jobs in August, but the group’s unemployment rate still went up because those jobs weren’t enough to make up for all the people who started looking for work during the month.

The unemployment rate among Hispanics was also considerably higher than the national average, at 11.3%

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