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Educators and officials in Newark, New Jersey are optimistic about the city’s public schools progress since new superintendent Cami Anderson begun; and a year after Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg donated $100 million to the district.

Already, three new alternative schools have been opened with the Facebook money. At the same time, teachers seem to approve of Anderson’s hands-on approach.

“Every principal I’ve talked to, I’ve never heard them speak so highly of a superintendent, and it’s because they feel they have a direct connection to her,” Newark mayor Cory Booker said.

The mayor, who has long been a champion of education reform, said it’s too premature to outline fully how the Zuckerberg donation has specifically affected the city, but he expects to have an in-depth strategy in place by the actual date of the anniversary, Sept. 24, and after Superintendent Anderson “finishes her top-to-bottom diagnostic of her school openings and efforts.”

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