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NEW YORK — Leo O’Brien, who played Richie Greene, the main character “Bruce” Leroy Greene’s younger brother in the movie Last Dragon, was shot three times in Harlem by a friend yesterday in an argument over a chair.

O’brien is currently an entrepreneur working in Harlem and has served eight years in jail for various offenses. Taimak Guariello who played “Bruce” Leroy Tweeted about the shooting.

The New York Daily News reports:

A police source said the two men were arguing about a chair. Breckenridge was in the chair and got up, then O’Brien sat down. The accused gunman wanted the chair back, but was already out of patience.

“The second bullet hit me in the stomach,” he said. “I knew then it was a real gun….The third bullet hit me in the arm.

“He didn’t say anything to me. He started crying and ran away. He was my homeboy. Did we have a problem before he shot me? No. I don’t know why he shot me. He was scared. Maybe he thought I would hurt him?”

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