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Legendary conscious rapper KRS-One had his most recent video banned from YouTube due to “shocking images.”

The video, featuring up and coming rapper Greenie, is politically charged and criticizes U.S. foreign policy.

The Grio reports:

There’s no coincidence that this ban occurred during a very vulnerable time for many Americans. The 10-year anniversary of the attacks on September 11th mark a period of mourning and reflection for many in the US where criticism of American policies may even be considered sign of disrespect. Regardless, rapper Greenie explains:

“The song tells the truth about the United States, its massacres, and the terrorist acts our government has committed around the world. The photos used in the video are just actual historic records and are important educational materials for all to see. I am shocked that YouTube allows silliness, sex, and pop rap — but not this important material.”

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Here Is The Video On Vimeo

Krs-One and Greenie “Real Terrorism” Shocking Video from Krs-Greenie Album on Vimeo.


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