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We here at NewsOne wouldn’t be much without the support and engagement of our BlackPlanet network. So let’s give some well-deserved props to some of the best comments of the week. Did yours get noticed? Check out the gallery below!

Pimp_Rider commented on Tell Obama to Go to the International Racism Conference

I undestand and Respect our Commander in Chief President Obama’s decision not to weigh heavily on that conference. One cannot and or should not focus so much on race relations until the American yard is free of debris. Meaning simply, the President has much more pressing duties to attend. I hope no one has forgotten his Prime Directive. His first duty to you and me is the attempt to make America whole and not full of holes. Opposition to Mr. Obama’s administration is hoping for failure. We cannot allow that to occur. Please support THE MAN. And he is THE MAN. I just wish he would stop jogging down the ramp of AIR FORCE ONE before he stumbles and falls.

BlackMiss62 commented on NY Gov Paterson Loses Support From Black Voters

LOL & SMH @187mafia:thats what happens when u just vote for anybody.. people that voted for em thats what they get…DEAL WIT IT LOL..

Mr_Spann:Actually, they didn’t vote for him. He got the job after Spitzer got indicted.

Thank you for correcting ignorance! The real test will come for Patterson when it’s re-election time. It’s a ’smart’ move on his part to get Sharpton in his back pocket…lol! And you know poverty pimps, Sharpton & Jesse don’t do nothing for ‘free.’ Gotta be something in it for them…

MK777 commented on Obama Reconsidering Boycott of U.N. Racism Conference

A move in the right direction. Tell Israel that this administration and the U.S. makes its own decisions. Its time for them to get off the umbilical cord anyway.The issues set forth in this conference are too important to ignore.

CoreyLDouglas commented on ACLU Claims Cali Cops Targeted Black Barber Shops

break their bank, everyone that was subjected to the abuse should file lawsuits

Summer_So_Fine commented on Video: Sharpton Marches For Elderly Black Man Killed By Cops

I can’t help but to ask, what is going to happen when God calls Sharpton home? As you can see, NOBODY else will step up and lead the many races for justice nor do they have the strength, willingness nor voice like Sharpton.ummh ummmh ummmmmmmh

1Nanavi1 commented on Just Curious: I Like Square Butts, and I Can Not Lie

women  butt= burgers…hmmm whatevea…no time  for taht … but that ad is for kids???

GhettoIndia02 commented on Just Curious: I Like Suare Butts, and I Cannot Lie

This commercial is so weird on many different levels…when I first saw was sooo uncomfortable watching.

Lovey67 commented on Sunday School Teacher May Face Rape Charges in Killing of 8 Year Old

This is a very sad case, if you cant trust a 28 year old Sunday school teacher who is a mother…Who can you trust? I hope this woman gets what she has coming to her. This was a sick crime….

Arrielle2007 commented on Reading the Picture: Bo-Bama

LOL I never seen people so excited about a dog. lol Well he kept his promise to his girls.

Sunshyne_Defined commented on Will Georgia’s African-American s Support a Black Conservative For Governor

I’m not going to say that blacks wouldn’t support a conservative, because its still possible that they could represent whats best for us on some point. But, after reading the entire article, this particular black conservative is not someone i could see being supported by us. His views are not in support of ours


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