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The NAACP has given a man who was convicted of a murder in 1992 an academic scholarship, numerous news sources reported Monday.

Over two decades ago, Bruce Reilly, 38, was convicted of murder after he stabbed and Emerson College professor, Charles Russell, to death.

Reilly plead no contest to second-degree murder and robbery and spent 12 years in jail.

Reilly now is pursuing a law degree at Tulane University, and has received a Dean’s Merit Scholarship and an NAACP Legal Defense Fund scholarship.

“By the time I apply to a state or federal bar, my last criminal activity will be as a teenager, and over two decades passed. I will be presenting a model case for rehabilitation, an impressive resume, and a substantial list of esteemed supporters,” he wrote in his letter to “Above the Law.” “I have found that a majority of our society believes in forgiveness and second chances, and all I can do is keep doing what I’m doing,” Reilly said.

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