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Rappers in the West African country of Senegal are becoming a powerful political force in their native country.

Rappers have been at the forefront of riots and demonstrations that have forced the President of Senegal to not seek a third term.


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The New York Times reports

At the forefront have been rappers like Fou Malade (real name: Malal Talla) and Thiat (Cheikh Oumar Cyrille Touré). They have been firing up the crowds of young men who have surged through the city’s streets, leading the demonstrators and — picked on by Mr. Wade’s police officers — serving as martyrs for the antigovernment cause.

So it was natural that the rappers would help found a new political movement here, Y’En A Marre (“Fed Up”), that has become a potent force at the heart of resistance to Mr. Wade’s efforts to stay in office despite his previous promises and constitutional provisions to the contrary.

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