Waka Flocka Flame followed several high profile rappers in supporting the Republican.

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Rapper Sexyy Red praised Trump and said he has "love" in the "'hood" in part because of “free money” from stimulus checks and commuted prison sentences and pardons for rappers.


Whether it’s from gun violence, heart disease, cancer, self-harm or drugs, the number of rappers whose lives have ended prematurely is alarming.


There was a growing number of social media reports linking the shooting death of rapper Young Dolph in Memphis to rap beef with rival local rapper Yo Gotti as the city mourned the loss of a talented, popular and successful member of its community.


50 Cent and Ice Cube represent neither widespread Black political thought, nor a hidden pocket of pro-Trump activism among Black men.

Many Juice WRLD fans could be forgiven for suspecting drugs were to blame after learning the young rapper died following a seizure.

While rap music is a relatively young genre and typically associated with young people, Kurtis Blow’s grave condition was shining a light on the health issues that aging rappers were increasingly facing.

Ghost Magneto and Kenny Lou were on the rise.

Up-and-coming rappers XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wapo were shot to death Monday.


While hip-hop is often viewed through its problematic elements, Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough explains why rap artists are ideal commencement speakers.

There is nothing more innovative, daring and entertaining than a drag queen — in fact, the only artists who come close to adopting the flair, personas and monikers of drag artists are rappers. Just like a drag queen, when a rapper chooses a name, it’s a special moment in their career. So it shouldn’t come […]