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A writer from the website is claiming that Twitter erased Troy Davis from the trending topics section numerous times in the days leading up to his execution.

Here are a few excerpts from his article:

As a blogger, a number of people contacted me throughout the day on Tuesday, September 20th with the theory that “Troy Davis” and related topics were being censored on Twitter. I also received an email that day from Courtney Rose-Harris of the NAACP New Media Department in Washington D.C. She asked that I share the story of Troy Davis with my network. The subject line of her email included the hashtag “#TooMuchDoubt.” For those of you who are unfamiliar with Twitter hashtags, these are used to unify related subjects under a similar term. In theory, this will allow a “trend” to begin, whereby more and more attention is drawn to the topic discussed by people with similar interest.

A casual observation of current Twitter trends at the time saw no mention of #TooMuchDoubt or another popular and obvious hashtag, #TroyDavis. Despite the fact that the story was being covered by national news organizations across the country, I gave Twitter the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps it simply was not trending worldwide I assumed. With this in mind, I limited Twitter’s trending search to one of Georgia’s largest cities with a high concentration of African Americans, Atlanta. I still saw no mention of #TooMuchDoubt or #TroyDavis trending in this area. I did notice #SideChickBirthdayGifts and #DudesThatSayNoHomo trending 1 and 2, respectively. I found this somewhat suspicious.

By this time, the belief that Twitter was actively censoring and blocking the Troy Davis topic from trending was spreading.

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