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ATLANTA — After the Georgia Parole Board refused to grant a pardon for Troy Davis this past Thursday, they spared the life of a convicted killer and changed his sentence to life in prison hours before his scheduled execution.

Samuel David Crowe was convicted of beating a store owner to death in 1988 and was sentenced to death the following year.

In 2008, the Georgia Pardons Board prevented Crowe from being executed due to his work in jail with other inmates, and for being remorseful for the crime.

The family members of the victim that Crowe killed were appalled by the decision.

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Reuters reports:

“David (Crowe) takes full responsibility for his crime and experiences profound remorse,” according to Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, an advocacy group, who welcomed the board’s decision.

At Thursday’s hearing, his lawyers presented a dossier of evidence attesting to his remorse and good behavior in jail, according to local media reports. The lawyers also said he was suffering from withdrawal symptoms from a cocaine addiction at the time of the crime.

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