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Radio host Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show yesterday that Herman Cain would be the first Black President because current President, Barack Obama lacks any “family history traced to slavery.”

Limbaugh also mocked Obama’s speech to the Congressional Black Caucus via his “Official Obama Criticizer.”

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The Grio Reports:

RUSH: Well, during the campaign of 2008 there were a number of liberal newspaper columnists, and even Reverend Sharpton who were challenging Barack Obama’s authenticity, that he wasn’t an authentic black because he didn’t have any family history traced to slavery, that his mother was white —


RUSH: — father from Kenya, you know, was not really down for the struggle. But it was them who said that. Now, I’m simply bouncing off of them. I never get into debates over who’s an authentic black and who isn’t. It’s the left that does that, it’s the Democrat Party and their media that does that, but bouncing off what they said, Herman Cain would be more authentically black to me than Obama is.

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