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After three days of statements and testimonies in the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter case, a clear message has been conveyed by the defense–  Michael Jackson’s addiction to the dangerous anesthetic, propofol, killed the pop legend.

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Murray’s defense team is painting a picture of Murray as a compassionate friend and doctor who was trying to “wean” his patient off the drug.

If found guilty of homicide, Murray faces at least four years in prison.

Here are some crucial arguments that were made by the Defense:

  • Jackson swallowed several lorazepam pills on the morning of his death and that was enough to put people to sleep, according to the defense.
  • Jackson ingested the anesthetic propofol, creating a “perfect storm in his body” that killed him instantly.
  • Murray and Jackson were actually friends and the doctor was trying to wean Jackson off of propofol, Defense attorney Ed Chernoff told jurors.


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