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A Chicago group is the newest collective of people tired of seeing underwear on their streets.

Empowered Citizens of North Lawndale, a neighborhood group in Chicago, is calling on city leaders to make an amendment to indecent exposure laws that will make saggy pants illegal. The group says the trend is offensive and African Americans have to change this form of dress.

Should city governments be able enforce how citizens are to dress? The Illinois American Civil Liberties Union says no. The ACLU said that saggy pants laws have a disproportionate racial impact, “mostly, perhaps, on African Americans,” reports FOX Chicago.

This is not the first crusade against saggy pants and it isn’t likely to be the last. For some cities, the sight of exposed underwear has actually benefited them, however. In Albany, Georgia, officials say the city generated nearly $4,000 in fines in less than a year.

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