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Legendary entertainer and activist Harry Belafonte ridiculed Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain earlier this week, calling him a “bad apple” and labeling him a misrepresentation of “real Negroes.”

Belafonte gave his diatribe during a taping of the “Joy Behar Show,” after Behar asked him to comment on Cain’s comments that racism doesn’t hold anybody back.

“Because he happened to have had good fortune hit him, because he happened to have had a moment, when he broke through the moment someone blinked, does not make him the authority on the plight of people of color,” Belafonte said.

Cain has made waves with some of his recent comments. First he called Black voters “brainwashed” and then denied racism as a factor in Black lives. He has drawn the ire of the likes of actor Morgan Freeman and now Belafonte, among others.

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