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CNN’s most successful yearly series Black in America 4 will make its debut this November with its award-winning host, Soledad O’ Brien, leading the charge once again.

This year, Black in America 4, will again focus on some of the various issues affecting the African American community.

In this trailer, Soledad O’Brien goes to Silicon Valley to explore why there are a lack of African Americans not just in this technology hub, but the technology industry as a whole.

The trailer features NewsOne Chief Technology Officer Navarrow Wright, and also profiles the NewMe Accelerator, which is an accelerator for minority led start-ups.

Here’s another short excerpt from the CNN site:

Silicon Valley’s startup scene is mostly young, male and white. In response, the NewMe incubator brought eight black entrepreneurs together for a two-month immersion in San Francisco. Watch how it turns out in Soledad O’Brien’s documentary, ‘Black in America: The New Promised Land – Silicon Valley,’ on November 13.


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