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An NYPD prosecutor Monday charged that two cops reckless shot Sean Bell.

The defense countered saying that a “macho pal” of Sean Bell sparked the barrage of bullets.

The two statements marked the beginning of the NYPD trial of  Det. Gescard Isnora and Officer Michael Carey. They are the first cops to face possible departmental justice for Bell’s death on the morning of his wedding in 2006.

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The highly controversial shooting happened on a dark side-street near Club Kalua, a notorious Queens strip club, as Bell and two friends tried to pull away in a car.

“They were not fugitives running from the law and they were unarmed,” NYPD prosecutor Adam Sheldon said of the three pals. “It was Detective Isnora’s outrageous, unimaginable and unjustified actions that led to one of the most tragic shootings in this police department’s history.”

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