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Techcrunch founder and CEO Michael Arrington raised some eyebrows recently when he attacked CNN’s Black in America 4 special which talks about the lack of African Americans in Silicon Valley.

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After a preview screening of Black in America aired this past week, Arrington said that he’s had trouble finding Black entrepreneurs — and suggested he would accept almost any black entrepreneur, regardless of merit.


“There’s a guy, actually, his last company just launched at our event, and he’s African-American. When he asked to launch — actually, I think it was the other way around. I think I begged him,” Arrington told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien.

It’s a remark that didn’t sit well with some in the tech community. Female and black entrepreneurs fired off tweets saying they didn’t want to be treated any differently because of their skin color or gender.

“I don’t want to be funded b/c I’m a woman, and I certainly don’t want ppl to believe that’s why I’m funded,” wrote Katrina Stevens, co-founder ofLessonCast, a training website for teachers.

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