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Occupy Wall Street is coming to Harlem, but don’t expect any Zuccotti Park-style encampments.

Instead, a coalition of community groups is meeting in Harlem Friday evening to organize around the same issues that Occupy Wall Street protesters are highlighting, such as the government bailout of the financial system, high unemployment and home foreclosures.

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“When you look at the conditions in Harlem you see massive unemployment, rising evictions because of gentrification and pressure because of rising rents,” said Nellie Bailey, one of the organizers of the Occupy Harlem movement. She said the group will show its support with seminars, marches and rallies.

Among the groups involved are the Harlem Tenants Council, Harlem Fightback, and the People’s Organization for Progress, NYC Chapter. Cornel West, an activist and professor at Princeton University who was arrested protesting the police department’s stop and frisk policies in Harlem last week, is also an endorser.

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