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Rev. Al Sharpton slammed Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly earlier this week after O’Reilly wondered why Sharpton, Jackson or other Civil Rights leaders had failed to come to the defense of Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain.

Last week, O’Reilly said that, had Cain been a liberal, the two men would be rushing to his defense.

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On Monday, Sharpton said that he has indeed spoken out about Cain — but from a different place than O’Reilly.

“I’ve spoken on any number of platforms about his inconsistencies,” he said. “…Bill O’Reilly’s problem is that I’m not saying what he wants me to say about Mr. Cain. Not that I’m not speaking, it’s that I’m not singing Mr. O’Reilly’s song. Maybe he should check with me before he asks me to say something, because I am speaking, Bill. I’m just not letting you write the words.”