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If your house is anything like mine (and let’s face it if you are reading a blog about technological installations, broadband speed and the like then it probably is), you’ll always be on the lookout for the next best thing. You want the quickest, the best, the most reliable, Which is where Comcast internet stands ready to knock your socks off.

It’s not often I feel moved to get on board and start blogging about a company’s services. But then I guess it is not often that you come across this kind of package. So without further ado, a rundown of the services I’m talking about:

Comcast internet digital TV and telephone services can be combined or bought separately. The telephone service works like your own personal VoIP and lets you do three way calling, has call waiting and will supply caller ID where you caller has not disabled the function. Roll the telephone service together with everything else (TV and internet) and you end up with one low monthly bill and three great services.

Comcast is the company that made waves with an introduction of an internet initiative to help out families struggling on the digital poverty line (you’ll sometimes hear that referred to as the digital divide” – a theoretical threshold below which families don’t have access to the web because the equipment and connections cost too much). The company has continued its mission to supply low cost broadband services with its normal domestic packages – telephony, TV and net in one.

Comcast’s TV packages are designed to make the most of the digital source the programming comes from. Every package is supplied with a Parental Controls option, which ensures that your kids don’t end up watching stuff you don’t want them to. You also get an easy to use intuitive program guide, which means you can set up recording schedules as well as flicking straight off to your favourite shows.

Comcast internet all in one packages also have an HDTV option – using semi-fibre optic transmission for crystal clear pictures every time and no distortion or delay. The same goes for the digital voice packages, which are not hampered by any distortion either.

Comcast claims that its high speed internet connection can supply downloads of up to 100 times the speed of a regular dial up. On average what you are really looking at (in modern day terms) is a download speed of maybe 8 MBps, which is of course insanely fast for an affordable domestic linkup. With this kind of breakneck speed involved you can keep a whole house full of net users happy all at the same time – even if every member of the family is using a different device in a different room!

That’s where the packages score for us, of course, With our techie household, we have more computing equipment than we do people. The beauty of the Comcast internet system is that this does not matter anymore. Now I can work on presentations late into the night while my son devours online games and my twin daughters get all mushy over their latest musical crushes. And my wife doesn’t complain because she’s got the sharpest HDTV on the street. Ideal!