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Sleeping with marbles under your pillow sounds like an average 8-year-old thing to do. Selling marbles for 500 bucks a pop? Not so much.

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Harli Jordean isn’t your average 8-year-old apparently. The London-based entrepreneur has turned his love for the game of marbles into a bonafide business, selling the colored glass orbs on his website,, and fetching as much as 500 pounds per item (such as this limited edition Duke of York table). Harli’s business is said to be bringing in thousands of pounds per year, with orders rolling in from as far as the U.S.

Before earning the title of the world’s youngest CEO, Harli’s parents had long been referring to him by another name — The Marble King.

“Harli has been obsessed with marbles ever since he was six,” his mother, Tina, told the Daily Mail. “He used to sleep with them under his pillow. The last thing he talks about before going to bed is marbles and they are the first things he mentions in the morning…His obsession became so big we started calling him the Marble King,” she says.

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