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Just weeks after approving a new city charter, Detroiters got some more good news: The Detroit public school system is showing its first budget surplus since 2007, due in part to spending cuts and federal aid. The Detroit News reports:

After years of ever-growing deficits, Detroit Public Schools broke into the black during the past school year, with a $43 million surplus, the district said Monday.

A 10 percent enrollment drop, federal stimulus money and belt-tightening measures allowed the district to reduce spending by $98 million in 2010-11.

But even as Emergency Manager Roy Roberts announced the district’s first surplus since 2007, the Michigan Department of Education warned that the district could slip back into the red this year.

“DPS continues to have a substantial budget deficit and current monthly reports indicate this year’s deficit is continuing to grow,” department spokeswoman Jan Ellis said Monday.

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