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The Huffington Post is reporting that Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy was brutally beaten by Egyptian riot police, sexually assaulted and detained for approximately twelve hours.

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Photographs and an accompanying audio interview of Eltahawy on CNN paint a brutal picture of how she was treated. Her right arm and left hand were broken trying to deflect the police batons raining down on her. Despite such suffering unjustified attack she spoke to a deeper reality within Egypt:

“The past 12 hrs were painful and surreal but I know I got off much much easier than so many other Egyptians…I know that had I been an Egyptian with fewer privileges I would have fared much worse.”

What remains unclear right now was the motive behind why she was set upon by Egyptian riot police.

“If I look back I was possibly the only woman there at that particular time on the frontline. Many women have been on the frontline. But that particular time of night, I think I was the only woman. That might have played a role with it…I am just one of many.”

Mona Eltahawy courageously continued to speak about the impact the protests are having on Egypt’s crumbling military regime:

“It was if I was set upon by a bunch of beasts. This is not the Egypt that we love. This is not what the revolution is about. The reason we are having a revolution in this country is exactly because of this type of brutality and they will not hijack our revolution.”

Read more and watch the entire CNN interview on the Huffington Post

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