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Herman Cain delivered a speech on foreign policy tonight at Hillsdale College, a small liberal arts institution in Michigan, The Detroit News reports.

Cain did not take questions after finishing his speech nor did he address whether or not he would continue his White House bid, according to The Detroit News.

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Cain delivered his remarks amid new allegations that he had a 13-year affair with Ginger White, his latest accuser.

Though Cain’s poll numbers have dropped significantly as of late, there were a few supporters in the audience. Like Dean Leininger.

“I was inspired by his clarity and perspective on the big picture,” Leininger said. “Herman Cain has inspired me right from the very first time I’ve heard him. He sees the trees, not just the leaves.”

Leininger said he has doubts about the affair allegations facing Cain.

“It happened with (Supreme Court justice) Clarence Thomas,” Leininger said. “When there’s a conservative black running, all of a sudden he’s a sexual monster. I’m not convinced.”

Do you agree with Leininger? Is Cain a victim of a liberal conspiracy? Or do you believe his accusers are telling the truth? Should he have made his speech tonight or called it off?

Read the rest of the story at The Detroit News and give us your thoughts below.


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