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After Questlove, the drummer from The Roots, the house band on the Jimmy Fallon show played a song by Fishbone called “Lyin Ass Bitch” during congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s introduction he said he received several racial epithets via Twitter.

Questlove also apologized for playing the song and offending women’s groups who were not necessarily supporters of Michelle Bachmann.

The Huffington Post reports:

“I’ve seen some really colorful epithets in the past four days, but ‘n*gger f*ckhead ghetto stick’ is probably the one that takes the cake. I’m still trying to get my head around that one,” the musician told “Blocking 3,500 tea party extremists [on Twitter] in a three day period is no fun, especially when you’re a drummer dangerously close to carpal tunnel. In the end, was it worth it? Absolutely not.”

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