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A Detroit mother of six swapped her four-bedroom, three-bath house for a minivan because she could no longer depend on the Motor City’s poor bus service, The Detroit News reports.


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“I had a lot of good offers, some from out of state. It turned out I took one of the first offers I got because I felt like it helped us both,” Flake said.

“They needed the house more than anyone I spoke with. They kept telling me it was a blessing to them. I really feel like I made a good decision.”

The east-side family of five swapped title for deed the day before Thanksgiving. Kelley Blue Book values the vehicle at between $5,000 and $8,500. The city had valued the house at $96,000. Flake picked it up last year at a foreclosure sale for $3,600.

Some of Flake’s offers included:

A couple in Montana offered her the choice of one of their four vehicles. A man who recently moved back to Detroit from Las Vegas offered his 1996 Bentley Brooklands luxury Sedan, worth about $20,000.

Read the rest of the story at The Detroit News.

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