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What better way to show that Herman Cain is a faithful, down-home Christian man devoted to his black wife?

Launch a website with dozens of white women expressing their admiration for the man who once described himself as “Chocolate Walnut” that’s how!


The Demise Of The Mackdaddy

Check out what some of the ladies had to about their man.

“I am a single mom of three children and two have autism. I like what Mr Cain has to say. He the only one that wants to talk about the REAL issues. I’m tired of all the side tracking of unimportant accusations by people from years and years ago. Today is what I’m interested in. And the tomorrow of our country is what I want to be talked about. I’m voting for Hermain Cain. Respectfully, Yvonne Settlemire “

And here is Vivian Hehemann of Ohio pleading for Cain to stay in the race.

“Mr. Cain, PLEASE DO NOT PULL OUT OF THE RACE. I am doing everything I can possibly do to encourage everyone to ignore the media, GOP establishment, (elitists, statists) and the Obama administration and do the right thing for our country. I believe you have the ability, character befitting a president and the courage to make the changes needed to save our nation from ruin. I believe that you love our country and will use your great personality to do as Reagan did: bring us back to believing we are a great people. I believe your nomination will help us get more Tea Party supporters in the congress. I absolutely believe that you can beat Obama in 2012. Remember Clarence Thomas and hang in there.”

Sorry Vivian. Too late! He’ll be remembering Clarence Thomas from the comfort (or discomfort) of his home in the ATL and looking at another GOPer debating Obama in 2012.

To see Cain’s last and very awkward attempt to repair his image with the ladies, check out the Women For Cain website for yourself.


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