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The Daily Beast is reporting that Cain will endorse Newt Gingrich:

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Looks as though his new mantra is Newt-Newt-Newt. Fox 5 Atlanta reports that former GOP candidate Herman Cain will reportedly endorse current GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich for the presidential nomination Monday. The news comes a day after Cain quoted a Pokémon movie and “suspended” his race.

This might seem odd at first.  Apparently though, they go way back. Ironically they do have a lot in common.  One of them is their take on illegal  immigration.  Just this October Cain was quoted in the New York Times:

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said Saturday that part of his immigration policy would be to build an electrified fence on the country’s border with Mexico that could kill people trying to enter the country illegally.

Gingrich also has taken some hard stances on immigration over the years.  It is hard to recall any big warmth between Cain and Gingrich in past debates.  One wonders if  Gingrich even wants to be endorsed with Cain fresh off the sex scandal.  Cain might be trying to kill him with kindness so Romney can win.   Who do you think Cain should endorse?

Read about it all in the Daily Beast.


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