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Patrice O’Neal’s closest friends in comedy came together on The Opie and Anthony Channel (XM 105/Sirius 206) this weekend to celebrate his life, The Huffington Post reports.


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O’Neal had been guest on “The Opie and Anthony Show” over 100 times, and even filled in as a cohost on several occasions. After his passing, his friends Louis C.K., Dane Cook, Dave Attell, Colin Quinn, Amy Schumer, Jim Florentine, Joe DeRosa, Kurt Metzger, Bob Kelly and Russ Meneave talked to hosts Opie and Anthony about their memories of their departed peer. (Warning, some NSFW language.)

Go to The Huffington Post to watch and hear stars like Chris Rock reflect on O’Neals’ life. Also, tell us what you remember most about Patrice O’Neal.

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