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Twitter is a place where the six degrees of separation of normal life collapse into one. This social media site is where people you love or hate give you access to their most-intimate, amazing, deranged and comedic thoughts. Here is a list of NewsOne’s Black folks you need to follow.

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1. @Questlove

This drummer for the Roots was one of the first big hip-hop folks to fully embrace Twitter. You can learn about his random thoughts, tour dates and see cool conversations about food and music.

2. @RolandSmartin

This CNN commentator posts a lot more than just the news. He’s an avid sports enthusiast who isn’t afraid to argue with folks. Not too long ago he got into a hilarious back and forth with @Toure about Black golfers. You gotta love Roland!

3. @Toure

Toure is the best-selling author on racial issues and isn’t afraid to set it off on Twitter with whoever wants it. Beyond his arguments with @RolandSmartin, he keeps you in the loop with what’s hot in cultural and political events. He will most likely offend you, though, so brace yourself.

4. @MrChuckD

The front man from Public Enemy came to Twitter a little late compared to other rappers, but the “Rhyme Animal” actually does his own tweets and gives a lot of wisdom and laughs from the road — or wherever he is at. Chuck D also gives folks a lot of back history on important dates in hip-hop. #WeNeedThat

5. @iLuvBlackWomen

This guy’s Twitter handle alone makes him a genius. L. Martin Johnson Pratt has a good mix of retweets on news, motivational quotes and overall niceness.

6. @WaxPoeticsMag

This is the official Twitter site from Wax Poetics, a journal that focuses on classic Black music and the people who love it. If you want to learn about classic jams, see where to find them or just talk about the impact of beautiful artists, this is where you want to be.

7. @JSmooth995

Jay Smooth is a YouTube superhero, straight up. He makes some of the coldest videos on race, rap and social issues and is funny, wise and White. Who could be mad at that?!

8. @dreamhampton

Old school hip-hop writer, Jay-Z “Decoded” co-author, and freedom fighter dream hampton is surely one to follow. She gives honest appraisals of music, culture and the world around her, while supporting political prisoners. Follow her twice.

9. @Asheru

You all know him, but have never seen him. Asheru does the rap at the beginning of every “Boondocks” episode. Beyond that, Asheru is a dedicated educator in D.C. who loves to share his thoughts on a number of various topics. If you use the hashtag “#hiphoped,” you can participate in some amazing threads.

10. @NewBlackMan

Professor Mark Anthony Neal is always amazing. His tweets establish fun and sometimes uncomfortable conversations on what Black manhood is and should aspire to be.


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