Preaching against homosexuality? No problem. And infidelity? Of course. What dignified pastor wouldn’t? But, when it come to greed, men and women of the cloth are just as mindful of their collection plates as they are of the scriptures.

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CNN reports that many pastors are conflicted with how to best take on the subject of greed without alienating their more well-to-do parishioners.

The Great Recession is more than an economic crisis. It has become a spiritual dilemma for some of the nation’s pastors and their parishioners, religious leaders say.

Three years after an implosion of the nation’s financial system helped push the country into its worst economic nosedive since the Great Depression, pastors are still trying to figure out how to address people’s fears from the pulpit.

But first they have to deal with their own fears, some pastors and scholars say.

Though millions of Americans are angry over the economy, little moral outrage seems to be coming from the nation’s pulpit, they say. Too many pastors opt for offering pulpit platitudes because they are afraid parishioners will stop giving money if they hear teachings against greed, said the Rev. Robin R. Meyers, senior minister of Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ in Oklahoma City.

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