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Rapper Rick Ross ends the year big! He’s being sued by the Nigerian government. When folks overseas sue you, you’re kinda large. After getting paid in full to perform at a festival, in Nigeria reports:

“The rapper, Rick Ross, has issued a statement cancelling his performance at the Calabar Festival, scheduled for December 28, 2011, for reasons not related to his recent surgery and seizures,” the statement read. “The performer’s cancellation is unexpected and the reasons are unknown to Cross River State since he has confirmed receipt of his entire performance fee many weeks ago.”

The government of Cross River State Government has hired lawyers in the United States to explore other options to sue Rick Ross for breach of contract and to recover the performance fee.

Look, Nigeria is real crazy right now. They just had bombings over the Christmas holiday and religious tension is real high. Even The Pope was shook being out there in the last few days.  I wouldn’t  go to Nigeria for all the waffles at Roscoe’s- straight up .  I used to daydream about taking my family to Africa on vacation. That daydream today is a nightmare. The poverty has made a lot of regions wild. With various governments being unstable or outright corrupt, its hard to want to go. Ghana might work. But it is slim prospects right now on African vacation spots.

If they say Rick was sick, OK. He’s obese and he has the seizure issues, I get it. Yet if I was a betting man, I’d put my money on he’s not trying to get robbed and drug through the streets by some O.G. African gangsters. I do think Rick Ross should give the money back though.  I mean, Noriega owes him a hundred favors. It might be time to call one in. Should he give the loot back?  Will he give the loot back?  Post your thoughts below and check out the full story on


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