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Days ago we talked about rapper Rick Ross pulling out of a concert in Nigeria and all the fallout from it. Well, I guess Hip-Hop icon Nas has gotten himself into a bit of trouble in the Motherland. His associate Patrick Allocco was snatched up after Nas faked on a New Years Eve show TMZ reports:

Promoter, Patrick Allocco, claims he was kidnapped at gunpoint by a local “concert impresario” who was FURIOUS when Nas no-showed at a heavily promoted New Year’s Eve show.

The “impresario” demanded Allocco fork over the $315k advance … or else. Allocco was eventually freed from captivity with help from the US Embassy … but he’s currently holed up in a local hotel.

While a lot remains unknown, it sounds like Nas it might all have been just a confusing scenario:

We’re told, Nas and his team DID initially agree to perform the NYE show … but made the decision to call it off due to a “miscommunication” about travel plans.

How sad though huh? I hope this comes to a complete and peaceful end. The moral of the story, “Never steal from an African.” Maybe this will inspire Rick Ross to get his Western Union to Nigeria ASAP. What do you think?

Read the entire story at TMZ.


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