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Like most twins, 11-month-old Justin and Jordan have a lot in common. But it’s what they do not have in common that has a lot of people, including their parents, calling them a miracle of science.

“I have twins, but they’re by different fathers,” said Mia Washington.

The twins’ parents contacted FOX 4, wanting to go public with their story. Washington admits she had an affair that resulted in two babies, born at the same time, fathered by two different men.

“Out of all people in America and of all people in the world, it had to happen to me. I’m very shocked,” Washington said.

The parents went to Dallas DNA Lab Clear Diagnostics after noticing the twins have different facial features.

According to the paternity test, there’s a 99.999 percent chance Justin and Jordan do not have the same father, and zero percent chance they do. The lab has never seen this type of result, nor do they expect to see it again.

“It is very crazy. Most people don’t believe it can happen, but it can,” said Clear Diagnostics President Genny Thibodeaux.

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