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In regular Bill O’Reilly fashion, the hothead conservative in Independent clothing caused quite a stir on yesterday’s episode of The View. Beyond his usual ranting, O’Reilly made a point of insulting the women of the panel, particularly Joy Behar.

At an especially heated moment during the ‘discussion,’ O’Reilly wondered why Joy wasn’t ‘joyful’ and referred to her as a ‘Kool Aid drinker.’ I wonder if there is some racial coding we should be picking up on here? He went on to say that people watch The View for entertainment and not to learn about ‘important things going on.’

What’s most revealing about this exchange is that Bill O’Reilly is clearly a megalomaniacal bully bent on crusading on the Conservo side of the culture wars. As though we needed any more proof of this, the book he was out to promote is called A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity.

So which are you, Bill? Bold? Fresh?

Or human?

Watch Bill O’Reilly offend Joy Behar and the ladies of The View

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