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Hip-hop eccentric Ol’ Dirty Bastard was no stranger to controversy during his career. Now even eight years after his death, his name still remains a hot topic. A lengthy FBI file has surfaced which provides some insight into his alleged criminal activity.

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To retrieve the file of the late Wu-Tang Clan rapper, Rich Jones, of the open-source website, submitted a Freedom of Information Act request last Dec. 15. You can read his request letter at MuckRock.

Just a few days later, he received this heavily redacted 94-page file of police reports, court documents and newspaper clippings related to the rap star who was born Russell Jones and died in 2004 from what was ruled an accidental drug overdose.

“The detectives have documented, in their case files, that the WTC [Wu-Tang Clan] is heavily involved in the sale of drugs, illegal guns, weapons possession, murder, car jackings, and other types of violent crimes…” reads one key segment. “Once individuals have proved themselves as good and loyal members or associates of the WTC … they are offered record contracts to record Rap type music.”

You can read the entire document below and make your own conclusions on how interested federal and local authorities were in regards to ODB’s life outside of hip-hop.

In fact, SPIN magazine also detailed the report by of the numbers, some of which are here:

Minimum number of murders to which ODB allegedly had some ties: Five (Robert “Pooh” Johnson, Jerome “Boo Boo” Estrella, Ishamael “Hoody” Kourma, Robert Johnson, and a redacted victim whose killing police evidently believed to have been ordered by the Wu-Tang Clan in retaliation for a robbery)

Number of times “Hoody” Kourma was shot: 6

Number of times another person allegedly linked to ODB was shot, though not killed: 2 (while being carjacked in an angel dust deal gone bad)

Date ODB was shot during an alleged jewelry robbery by two masked men: 07/01/98

Approximate total cash value of the stolen jewelry: $10,000

Number of occasions on which undercover New York police officers purchased jewelry believed to be linked to the alleged robbery: 3

Date on which the robbery investigation was requested to be closed: 05/05/05


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