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With Brazil’s booming economy and availability of jobs — combined with the recent Haitian earthquake and poverty — many Haitians are making the long trek to Brazil in search of jobs.

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The Haitian migrants endure journeys of thousands of miles with small amounts of money in search of opportunities for work that are not available in their homeland.

The New York Times reports:

Gambling everything, thousands of Haitians have made their way across the Americas to reach small towns in the Brazilian Amazon over the past year in a desperate search for work, including a surge of hundreds arriving in recent days amid fears that Brazil’s government could slow the influx before it overwhelms the authorities here.

Their improbable journeys — from the rubble of their island homes to remote outposts here in the Amazon — say as much about the dire economic conditions that persist in Haiti two years after the earthquake as it does about the rising economic profile of Brazil, which is fast becoming a magnet not only for poor foreign laborers but also for growing numbers of educated professionals from Europe, the United States and Latin America.

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