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It’s been a little more than a year since Ted Williams, the homeless man with the “golden voice” who was discovered panhandling, shot to fame as a viral web sensation. How’s he doing now?

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According to a TIME reportEntertainment Tonight talked to Williams to see how his life has changed after becoming a star when a YouTube video featured the then-homeless man from Columbus, Ohio, speaking in his velvety smooth, radio announcer’s voice.

In the video, Williams leads cameras on a tour through the home he shares with his girlfriend and a sober living coach.

Williams admits that he’s made a remarkable turnaround.

“A year ago today I was living in tents, under bridges, smoking crack, doing all the wild things—now this is where I live. I have a fireplace. I can get buck-naked by the fireplace.”

“What a difference a year makes,” he said. “It’s a ‘hallelujah’ moment every day I wake up.”

The road back to recovery hasn’t been an easy one though. Williams has been to rehab twice. But with the assistance of ET producers has been able to stay sober and even land a gig as the voice in this commercial for Kraft Homestyle macaroni and cheese. In addition, he has a book detailing his story due to be released in May.


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