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Monday, January 16, 2012– This morning at National Action Network’s (NAN) annual King Day Breakfast in Washington, D.C., NAN Founder and President Rev. Al Sharpton made key announcements in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther, King, Jr.

First, Rev. Sharpton announced that during the remembrance of Bloody Sunday beginning March 4th he will lead a 5-day March commemorating the historic 1965 Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March. The march will begin at the Edmund Pettus Bridge ending with a rally at the Alabama State Capitol on Friday, March 9. The March is in support of Voting Rights and to highlight the continuing efforts against Voter Suppression.

This includes the efforts to defeat Voter Identification Laws and reverse anti-Immigration laws in the state of Alabama. Secondly, Rev. Sharpton announced that National Action Network will lead a rally on March 27th in Washington, DC, at the United States Supreme Court as arguments are heard on Obama Care.

According to Rev. Sharpton:

It is important that we not just remember what Dr. King and others did in 1965 with the Voting Rights Act that came as a result of the Selma to Montgomery march. We must preserve it against Voter ID Laws and the early voting and voter suppression attempts that are taking place today. To celebrate Dr. King and allow them to undermine him is hypocritical. Therefore on March 4th we will gather in Selma, Alabama, and march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and march again to Montgomery, Alabama against Voter ID and voter suppression laws culminating with a huge rally that Friday.

The effort to make the Health Care Act unconstitutional is not just a challenge to Health Care but a challenge to federal government superseding state government and protecting its citizens. We will be in mass marching and rallying on the day this is argues at the SC to demand in the name of Dr. King that we stop those that engage in interposing federal law with state law and nullifying federal rights to protect its citizens.

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