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Mitt Romney may not be a right-wing racist peddling food stamp rhetoric to the masses, but he is no friend to black folks, either.


GOP Candidates Go Hard On Romney

Romney The Flip-Flopper

The New York Daily News reports that Rick Santorum, taking advantage of MLK Day, asked Romney if he believes convicted criminals who have “exhausted their time” should have their voting rights restored.

“This is Martin Luther King Day,” he said. “This is a huge deal in the African-American community, because we have very high rates of incarceration, disproportionately high rates, particularly with drug crimes, in the African-American community.”

While many would hardly consider Santorum a crusader for black Americans, he did raise an excellent point for Mitt Romney to address. Nationally, more than 5.3 million people are denied the right to vote because of laws prohibiting felons from casting ballots, according to The Sentencing Project. Of this total, thirteen percent are black men.

Romney danced around the question until giving an answer. “I don’t think people who have committed violent crimes should be allowed to vote,” Romney said.

If anyone thought Romney was some closet New England liberal before last night’s debate, they know better now.

Check out the rest of the story at The New York Daily News.


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